Fire Rock Leads Frequently Asked Questions

How do you generate your leads?

Fire Rock Leads are generated through online marketing campaigns. We utilize the latest technologies available for creating the greatest amount of interest online. Our leads are generated through our consumer websites. This promotion of this site is done through the following means: Web-based Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Single & Double Opt-in Email Marketing, and Affiliate Link Relationships. A small fortune is spent every month on these techniques with create the best mortgage leads available in the market.

How much do your leads cost?

We have a various options to choose from, each of which is customized to fit your business model and your budget. These options include: Non Exclusive, Exclusive, Real Time & Live Transfers.

How quickly can I be receiving leads?

Once signed up, most times you can start receiving leads almost immediately. While it will take diligence on your part to get your campaign running its fullest potential, you can start receiving leads today. We’ve done the all the hard work. We have found consumers who are interested in your services. Now you just need to do what you do best and provide them with the best service available.

What form will I receive my leads?

The leads will be emailed in either CSV (excel) or PDF (printable) formats. You will also be able to easily download your leads from your lead management site, which we set up for you. 

Can I receive the leads in real-time?

Yes. One of Fire Rock Leads’ options is to receive leads in real-time. The leads that fit to your specific criteria will be delivered to you as soon as they are submitted.

With what frequency will I be receiving leads?

The Group, Non Exclusive, and Exclusive leads will be delivered each morning at approximately 9:00am PST. Real-Time and Live Transfer campaigns will be delivered one at a time as the leads come to us.

Do you have an order minimum?

No. In order to optimize Fire Rock Leads, our top producing clients typically order a minimum of 50 leads at a time. This enables them to get the best ROI.

What is Fire Rock Leads’ return policy for leads?

While we cross-references borrower entered information with our database to make sure the leads we forward to you are as accurate as possible, we do offer returns for leads with false information. Fire Rock Leads stands behind the quality of our mortgage leads. If a lead you receive has false information or does not meet your criteria, we will replace that lead at no cost to you. Lead credits will be added to the total amount of leads ordered. Fire Rock Leads’ quality control center will verify the lead for its false information before credit is issued.

The following are valid reasons for which we will give a lead credit:

All lead returns must be returned within seven days of date on the lead. Fire Rock Leads cannot be held responsible for a borrower who "changes their mind" after they submitted their home loan application. Fire Rock Leads is also not responsible for incorrect information provided by the borrower such as wrong loan amounts or incorrect property values.

Do you have special programs for large national lenders?

Yes. We work with many lenders who need large quantities of leads and have very specific criteria they need to meet. We can create a program just for your company to meet whatever needs you might have.

Do your leads meet the requirements of the DNC and CAN-SPAM acts?

All Fire Rock Leads we provide are DNC compliant and all mailers are CAN-SPAM compliant.